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Sigma BC 16.16 STS CAD Wireless Bike Computer

Sigma BC 16.16 STS Wireless Bike Computer

SIGMA 01617
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The computer for commuters.




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The BC 16.16 STS provides crucial information for avid cyclists and commuters! The new ETA (estimated time of arrival) function continuously calculates how much time and distance remains until you reach your destination. Plus every kilometre/mile ridden is converted into fuel savings. The STS variant is also available with optional cadence transmitter. Using the NFC technology the Android smartphone can communicate with the computer, on which the free SIGMA LINK app has been installed beforehand.

Still on time?
The new ETA (estimated time of arrival) function continuously calculates how much time and distance remains until you reach your destination. You will always know whether or not you will get there on time.

Fuel saving
The fuel saving function shows you how many liters/gallons of fuel you saved by choosing to go by bike instead of by car.

Wireless and professional. On request, optionally even with cadence measurement. Either way a powerful tool for you!


Extended bike functions
The extensive features of the BC 16.16 STS are clearly and partly graphically shown on the large dot matrix display. In addition to the classic bike functions, the BC 16.16 STS has the ETA display, fuel economy in the STS CAD variant via two cadence functions.

Ideally timed
The BC 16.16 STS has an exact timer, by which you can always view the time remaining to the destination. The ETA display (estimated time of arrival) of the BC 16.16 STS calculates alternatively the required ride time, the remaining distance or the time of arrival for a preset distance. Therefore you will always know exactly whether you are on time.

The BC 14.16, BC 16.16 and BC 23.16 models can communicate directly with an Android smartphone via NFC (near field communication). To do so, you must install the free SIGMA LINK app. For wireless data exchange, simply hold your smartphone up to the computer. The app can be used to change settings and read trip data.

The data can be transferred from the smartphone into the DATA CENTER via the SIGMA CLOUD. Conversely, it is also possible to transfer data from the DATA CENTER onto the smartphone via the CLOUD.

The free SIGMA LINK app is available in the app store and Google Play store. The NFC technology is only available for Android smartphones.

Fuel saving
The fuel saving feature shows you how many litres of fuel you had consumed on the same route with your own car.

Average consumption
The average consumption of your own vehicle can be configured in the settings.

Workout statistics for 12 months
The BC 16.16 STS also shows, in addition to the total values, statistics for the last twelve months. Using this "Workout diary" you can compare your activities on a monthly basis.

Power Save
After five minutes of inactivity, your device goes into sleep mode and after five more minutes, into the power save mode. This reduces power consumption even further and ensures a longer battery life. When the integrated accelerometer detects a movement, the bike computer wakes up again and is ready for immediate use.

Temperature display
All models from the BC 14.16/STS/CAD to the BC 23.16 have a temperature indicator. This shows the current temperature of your environment at all times.

Speed comparison
A comparison of the current and average speed. While cycling, a permanent comparison is made of your current and average speeds. The difference is indicated by an up or down arrow. When moving at approximately the average speed, no arrow is displayed.

Adjustable wheel sizes
When using two bikes, two wheel sizes can be set that are automatically (automatic only for STS) detected. To use this function, the speed transmitter must be switched to that on the second bike and the right wheel circumference for ‘bike 2’ must be set on the BC 16.16 STS.

Integrated storage chip
Thanks to an integrated memory chip in the computer head unit, all the total values and settings are permanently stored in the device. After changing the battery, you therefore only need to reset the time.

Information on the power status
All devices from BC 14.16 upward come with a battery status indicator. The power status of the battery in the computer head unit or STS transmitter is checked at regular intervals. If the battery is low, an early warning is displayed on the computer head unit.

Bike inspection reminder function
Thanks to the service interval, you are reminded to submit your bike to an inspection after a freely selectable number of kilometers cycled. The service interval can only be enabled/disabled and pre-configured by the retailer. The retailer can set the desired number of kilometres using the UNIVERSAL FAST SETTING BOX. The device comes with the service interval disabled.


Bike functions
Dist. to destination*
Ride Time / Training time
Day trip
Time to destination*
Daily fuel savings
Total distance
Estimated time of arrival (ETA)
Maximum speed
Total fuel savings
Total Ride Time / Overall training time
Total ride time for several bikes
Actual Speed
Comparison of cur. / avg. Speed
Automatic start/stop
Clock (12/24h)
Total distance for several bikes
Average speed

Cadence functions
Average cadence
Current cadence

UFSB 2016 compatible
Data communication via TOPLINE 2016 docking station
Transmitter battery warning
Watertight in accordance with IPX8
Device Settings adjustable via DATA CENTER
Energy-saving mode
12 months of workout statistics
Device Settings adjustable via LINK App
Tool-free mounting
LINK APP Connecttion via NFC (Android)
Computer battery warning
STS transmission
Contrast adjustable
Service interval adjustable via UFSB
Programmable based on tire selection
My Name function
My Screen function
Back-up function via memory chip (Totals and Settings)
Automatic bike recognition (Bike 1 / Bike 2)
Automatic pairing
Available languages: 7

Design / Technology

Maximum display, minimum size

The design of the TOPLINE 2016 is vertically oriented and perfectly fits the handlebar stem with the sleek design. The new shape allows for improved display options of the functions. This means, for example, that the speed of the BC 16.16 STS is shown in large characters and is always visible in the three-line display.

Height x width x depth:
52 mm x 37,5 mm x 11,5 mm

Height x width:
27 mm x 37 mm

Button functions
Press and hold button: opens Settings
Short button press: backward through Bike menu

Forward through the bike functions

Animated menu navigation
Small graphics facilitate the orientation in the BC 16.16 STS menu. They show workout graphics in the height profile and settings menu field. A scroll bar indicates where you are currently.

Digitally encoded three-channel wireless transmission
The tried-and-tested SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM (STS) is the digitally encoded transmission system for all transmitter data from the speed transmitter, the cadence transmitter, and even the heart rate transmitters for the high-quality basic devices and top models. The transmitters collate the data they have received and send this to the receiver integrated into the computer as a data package. The transmitters also regularly send stored test data for data comparison purposes.

The digital encoding of the SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM prevents transmitter data from being corrupted by external interferences such as power sources or other transmitters. The interference of Sigma products, e.g. LED lights, can also be prevented.

New STS transmitter
The STS transmitter has a movable mounting foot, which ensures an optimal mounting of the transmitter in every situation. Transmitter and magnet can therefore always be installed in parallel. This results in a more stable radio transmission.

Light on, quite simple. Enable light mode and the display is illuminated with every other push of the button.

The BC 16.16 STS is waterproof according to the international standard IPX 8. This means there is "protection against permanent immersion". Nothing stands in the way during the next ride in the rain.

Both new magnets (normal & power) are equipped with a click-mounting mechanism. This makes installation even easier. Devices can also be removed without tools.

Cadence magnet
The new cadence magnet can be attached directly on the inside of the pedal without further aids. Since it is very thin, the risk of friction with the transmitter is avoided even in tight spaces. In order to function well with larger distances from the sensor or with non-magnetic pedal axles, two plastic clip holders for the magnet are also included in the delivery.

BC 16.16 STS
- Power magnet
- ATS / STS handlebar bracket
- STS speed transmitter
- 2 O-RINGS (Ø 35mm, 45mm)

SIGMA 01617

Data sheet

Beltrami 2021

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