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Continental Grand Prix 5000 700x25 Folding Tyre, Black/Black Skin

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tubeless 700x25 Folding Tyre, Black/Black Skin

CONTI 0101628
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The new era in cycling.

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The new era in cycling, Tubeless Ready too.

The best allrounder in the field, brought to a whole new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortable and with increased puncture protection. Made to make you better.

After 14 years and multiple different remakes, the popular GP 4000 has finally evolved into the next generation.

One claim we can all believe is that the GP 4000 S II tyre was a genuine class leader, a tyre that consistently performed and out-performed when called upon. Now, after 14 years since the original GP 4000 was released, the legendary tyre has been given a complete overhaul and Continental claims, but not limited to tubeless.

The GP 5000 TL is similar to the regular version but adds an airtight liner, a shaped bead (with softer rubber to make fitting easier) as well as a coarser 180 tpi casing. Continental claims they went through multiple versions, attempting to walk the line between a secure fit and easy mounting. Continental's trademark Black Chili compound has also received an upgrade in the form of a new formula as well as laser etched tread that is supposed to provide an even greater cornering experience. The company also claims that the texturing also smooths air flow, thereby decreasing drag.


The user-optimized Tubeless System. The TL technology is specifically designed to offer Tubeless for road cycling demands. Easy to install and reliable in use.

Tubeless Bead
Specifically developed the Tubeless bead seals through its unique shape and provides stable fitting on the rim.

Active Comfort
The revolutionary approach in cycling. Embedded in the tyre construction the Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations and smoothens your ride.

Lazer Grip
Lazer Grip, to make you one with the road. The lazered micro profile structure expands over the tyre’s shoulder and provides outstanding cornering.

Black Chili Compound
Tyres with BlackChili Compound reach an unprecedented level of performance. Compared to the previous best Activated Silica Compound, BlackChili tyres have 26% less rolling resistance, a 30 % higher friction value (grip) and a 5 % increase in mileage. BlackChili technology never stands still as it is continuously developed. Whether on the road or mountain bike, speed and grip advantages are very noticeable. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound can only be produced exclusively in our German Korbach factory.

Vectran Breaker
For unsurpassed puncture protection. Vectran™  maintains these attributes even in the most adverse weather conditions. Vectran is spun from Vectra liquid crystal polymer, which results in a thread that is thermoplastic and has multifilaments. This semicristalline material is harder then aramid, has five times higher tensile strenght than steel and in addition, is also lighter than comparable nylon thread.

ETRTO: 25-622
Dimension: 700 X 25C
Technology: Vectran Breaker | LazerGrip | ACT
TPI: 3/180
g: 295
PSI: 80-109

CONTI 0101628

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